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Really Cheap Android Wear OS Watch

LGW100KRB-1-1000If you want to try out a smartwatch to see if it works for you without forking out a ton of cash, check this out… I just ordered a factory refurbished LG G Watch for $59 from Free shipping too.

Here’s the link:

This is the cheapest you’re going to find an Android Wear OS watch. That’s cheap enough to be a stocking stuffer.

If you don’t like the cheap watch strap that comes with it, it takes standard 22mm bands and also also works with NATO straps.

BTW, with the latest OS updates, you can install the Android Wear app on your iPhone and use it with that as well.


“Blue Tiger” BH-M20 Bluetooth Headset – Cheap and It Actually Ain’t Bad

I had a BlueParrott headsetbh-m20 bluetooth stero headset that I really liked, but it was 6 years old and finally gave up the ghost.  I really wanted a stereo bluetooth headset this time, but there are almost none available with a noise cancelling boom mic.  The BlueTiger brand stereo headset is $180.  BlueParrott doesn’t even make a stereo model.

Looking around on Amazon, I came across this BH-M20 headset.  It’s a knock-off with the name “Blue Tiger” on it.  The reviews were a bit mixed, but I figured for the money it was worth a try.

Shockingly, these cheap bluetooth headphones are actually really good. A little on the tinny side for music, but fine for background music while I work. The noise cancelling mic works surprisingly well — I stood next to our washing machine on spin cycle while talking to someone and they said they could only hear me. I can listen to Spotify while I work and answer my cell with good sound quality. The dual headphone block out more ambient noise than a single headphone too.

Although it’s not listed in the manual, it can support two devices, but it appears to support one in A2DP (stereo) and one in phone audio (mono) mode.  In any case, I just hook it to my LG G3 smartphone and use that exclusively.

You’ll see this headset under a number of “brand names” on Amazon, but the actual model number is BH-M20.  The best price I’ve found on Amazon Prime is this AGPTek version for just $26.99.  For the money, it’s quite impressive.


Cool New Geek Toy – LED Watch

I just got this cool watch from for $6 plus shipping. It’s an LED watch that forms the digits from individual LEDs embedded right into the band.

I remember back in the late ’70s my dad had an LED watch when digital watches were first coming out. This one is a lot more elegant and should make an interesting conversation piece.

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