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Updated My WordPress Theme

This website was the very first WordPress site I ever created.  Much thanks goes to Idenizer for their Paper Wall Theme.  I continue to use this theme for this site.  I think it's just the right mood and feel for my personal blog.

Now that I have a couple years of CSS and WordPress under my belt, I decided to go back and tweak the theme to adjust some minor bugs, as well as some style preferences.  For example, I removed most of the block/justified text and changed it to left justified.  I also increased the size of the article content.

When I first set up this site, I had absolutely no idea how to do those things 🙂  It was gratifying to see just how far my skills have progressed since then.

I am in the process of setting up my professional blog at  That site is more specifically designed to outline my different skills, experiences, and background.  I will continue to update this site as my "personal" blog.  I need a place to post off-the-wall comments, jokes, and just vent, so this is the place.

Hope you like the tweaks I made here.  Please check out as well and let me know what you think.  It's not done by a long shot, but I have the framework in place.