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My Coffee Stash Has Been Updated!

I am generally not a fan of K-cup machines and coffee. You pay a lot for the convenience and they are not usually eco-friendly. I still use whole beans, freshly ground, and an AeroPress Coffee Maker as my go-to cup.

However, I discovered the company Intelligent Blends online and I have to say it is the best K-cup coffee I’ve ever tasted. It tastes like fresh beans. Even the light roasts are good. I think the secret is how they pack the cups. They have a process where they pack and seal the cups in nitrogen, preventing the grounds from oxygen exposure that normally makes ground coffee taste old. Also, their cups are designed to be recyclable. You just pull the tab on the l id, dump the grinds and then yank out the filter. Then the cup can go in your recycling.

Their prices are not the cheapest, but if you watch for sales you can usually pick it up for $30-40 cents/cup. Also, there are usually discount codes you can find online.

I also found this product code that get you 16-cup sample pack for $5 (less any coupons you find). I actually love the sampler because you get a variety.

Here is a discount code you can use if you want to try them. All shipping is free: