MyPoints Research Data Cannot Possibly Be Accurate

Sorry to have to rant, but this issue has been going for years now and happened to me yet again tonight.  I tried to do a MyPoints survey and got a message that I had to be running Internet Exploder in order to complete the survey.  I've been a MyPoints member for over 10 years.

This just baffles me that a company that makes its money off of survey data compromises their data so severely.  If I were a company needing market research, I would *never* use MyPoints.  

This issue has been going on for years and years now.  It was bad enough when it primarily effected Mac users, but now that 89% of people **do not use Internet Exploder**, I just can't fathom how they can be in the business of selling their data.

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Remembering Yertle The Turtle and The Sneetches on Holocaust Memorial Day

Many people know that the Yertle the Turtle was a parody on Hitler and the Nazis, but do you realize that the Sneetches, while primarily a commentary on segregation, might also have been a Nazi parody (although a bit more loosely)?  And if that is true, extrapolate what the star-belly-on-off-machine represented… gives me chills.

Yertle The Turtle


Star Belly On Off Machine


Got a Galaxy Note? Here’s a Useful Charging Tip


Galaxy Note (1st generation)I just purchased a Galaxy Note (last year's model) as a refurb from AT&T.  If you aren't dead-set on having the latest, cutting edge Samsung "Phablet" technology from the Galaxy Note II, grab one of these original Notes.  AT&T was selling them for just $29 on Black Friday (with 2 year contract), and they've been cropping up at $49 since. I've also seen them for Sprint at Costco for $49 new.  It's still a fantastic phone for someone that wants a massive, beautiful screen.

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Temporarily Disable Caller ID on Your Cell Phone Calls


It's probably happened to you: you make a phone call from your cell phone to someone, and now they keep calling you back on your cell phone because they saw your caller ID number.  This can be really annoying if it's a company you do business with, because now their accounts receivable has your direct number.

You may already know that from a landline, you can dial *67 plus the phone number you are calling to temporarily disasble your caller ID (for that call only).  But did you know this will also work from your cell phone?

In order to make this work on your cell phone, you have to dial the entire sequence as one string.  It's actuallty the same way you'd do it from a landline, but it just didn't seem obvious, at least to me. 

Here is a screenshot from my iPhone as an example:

So next time you make a call and don't want your cell phone number to be visible, hit dial *67!


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