Olympia Holiday Parade


Alexis playing clarinet in the CHS Marching BandYesterday the whole family went to downtown Olympia to watch the annual Holiday Parade.  My daughter Alexis plays clarinet in the Capital High School marching band, so we had to drop her off a bit early.  Fortunately, the weather held today — it was about 50 degrees and sunny for most of the afternoon.  What a welcome change from the past couple of weeks! Great ending to our Thanksgiving weekend.  Now back to work tomorrow… I really need to get our new business websites up and running!


Setting up my personal site…

I've been working so hard over the past couple months to learn Joomla so I can start making production sites, I thought I'd take a break this evening and get acquainted with WordPress.

Joomla has a much steeper learning curve, but I decided to make that my standard CMS development tool because of the level of flexibility and huge number of extensions available.  (And by the way, for those of you that think Joomla is weak for blogging, I've found a few excellent extensions that make Joomla on par, or even better than, WordPress in that regard.)  I'll put up a post about this later.

That being said, for simple site development, I want to get up to speed on WordPress.  I've spent about 2 hours with it tonight, and I've set up blog sites for my entire family, installed some themes on my own page to play with and installed the ReCaptcha plug-in so I don't get spammed.  Compare that to the couple hundred hours I've invested in Joomla, and you can certainly see the contrast.

I'm in the process of building new sites for Alternative Marketing Connections (my social media marketing company) and SS Barter (the barter exchange I started 3 years ago).  I hope to have those operational by tomorrow.  While we — me and my employees — will use these sites to post blog articles about the businesses, I plan to use this personal blog as a place to post my personal musings, learning experiences, photos, and anything else that doesn't really fit in my company sites.  As those who know me can attest to, at any given moment I have dozens of ideas running around in my head; having a personal site will give me somewhere to get these items on "paper."