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My 2¢ About Yesterday’s Cougars/Ducks Football Game

I just left a rather detailed comment on Facebook on the WSU Athletics page, so I thought I'd repost it here.

Now, I am not technically a Cougar, but I am a Cougar DAD, and because of this I've started following Cougar athletics. The football team certainly has a long way to go, but I saw some very respectable play yesterday against the #2 team in the nation.

My comment:

So say what you want, but the Cougs played a great first half yesterday, and they showed that the Ducks are NOT infallible. In fact, I think they showed why the Ducks are *not* the #1 team right now. WSU defense overpowering the Duck's offensive line. A sack/turnover for a touchdown. Tons of Duck penalties. 49 yard field goal to end the first half (way to go, Furney!). I think the Cougs actually outplayed the Ducks in the 2nd quarter. And that fumble in the end zone was just unlucky.

Nevermind that this was a home game in front of 50K+ rabid Homecoming Duck fans. That would have tough for any visiting team.

Halliday needs to learn how to throw the ball away or take a sack when there's pressure. He has moments of brilliance… and then chokes and lets the pressure get to him.

BTW, I think Helfrich's comments today about "low class" play in the 4th quarter are TACKY and UNPROFESSIONAL, and I think he's a cocky SOB. He's the one that's full of SH*T. He ran up the score to 62 when it wasn't necessary to win the game. Leach wasn't trying to run up points against Oregon's 2nd string: he was trying to give his team a chance to end the game on a positive note and make the score respectable. The Cougs also showed that despite their faults, they have a strong work ethic and can play to the last second with heart and determination. They are a young team in a building process that will take a couple more years to really gel.

I do wish they would run the ball more though. They consistently get 4 or 5 years every time they run the ball.

Anyway, my 2¢ I felt a lot more positive after last night's game than last week's cave-in against OSU.

[Correction: it was the Duck’s defensive coordinator that made the “low class” comments.  I actually heard this on either ABC or NBC today, and they *did* say it was Oregon’s head coach that made the comment.]