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MyPoints Research Data Cannot Possibly Be Accurate

Sorry to have to rant, but this issue has been going for years now and happened to me yet again tonight.  I tried to do a MyPoints survey and got a message that I had to be running Internet Exploder in order to complete the survey.  I've been a MyPoints member for over 10 years.

This just baffles me that a company that makes its money off of survey data compromises their data so severely.  If I were a company needing market research, I would *never* use MyPoints.  

This issue has been going on for years and years now.  It was bad enough when it primarily effected Mac users, but now that 89% of people **do not use Internet Exploder**, I just can't fathom how they can be in the business of selling their data.

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Remembering Yertle The Turtle and The Sneetches on Holocaust Memorial Day

Many people know that the Yertle the Turtle was a parody on Hitler and the Nazis, but do you realize that the Sneetches, while primarily a commentary on segregation, might also have been a Nazi parody (although a bit more loosely)?  And if that is true, extrapolate what the star-belly-on-off-machine represented… gives me chills.

Yertle The Turtle


Star Belly On Off Machine