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No, a Yoga 2 Pro Is Not a Mac

So I just had a reminder that my Yoga 2 Pro is NOT a Mac.

I had noticed that when I flipped into tent mode or stand mode, everything, especially the video, got a lot slowed. I did a few minutes of research online and found a support thread on the Lenovo site suggesting to turn off the DPTF option in the BIOS. 2 minute fix, and now everything is working great. The problem has been going on for 3 years or more on Yoga models, but Lenovo hasn’t even acknowledged it.

Now, I have the technical background to know what the hell a BIOS is and how to access it, but I can’t fathom an everyday end user being able to fix things like that without expert help. And certainly you’d never had to do anything like that on a Mac.

Definitely a different world. ┬áBut I’m still very happy I switched from a Mac laptop to Yoga. I still can’t believe Apple hasn’t figured out that the 2-in-1 market is here to stay.