MyPoints Research Data Cannot Possibly Be Accurate

Sorry to have to rant, but this issue has been going for years now and happened to me yet again tonight.  I tried to do a MyPoints survey and got a message that I had to be running Internet Exploder in order to complete the survey.  I've been a MyPoints member for over 10 years.

This just baffles me that a company that makes its money off of survey data compromises their data so severely.  If I were a company needing market research, I would *never* use MyPoints.  

This issue has been going on for years and years now.  It was bad enough when it primarily effected Mac users, but now that 89% of people **do not use Internet Exploder**, I just can't fathom how they can be in the business of selling their data.


Tried to do another survey from my Mac tonight and got this message while using Chrome:  

"Mac users, please note: For best results, visit site using Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. "

So as a Mac user, I must go find a Windows computer to do your surveys??? 

Shame on your for *still* having this silly requirement.  How can you exclude millions of users from being able to access your surveys and expect accurate results?

Find some new survey software that doesn't rely on Internet Exploder.

Since you are in the business of creating statistics, try this one:  

Current browser usage, based on for July 2013:

  • Internet Explorer 11.8%
  • Firefox: 28.9%
  • Chrome: 52.8%
  • Safari 3.5%
  • Opera: 1.6%

Also, the trend continues to be towards increased use of Chrome and decreased usage of Explorer.

Go check the numbers for yourself:

Current internet browser trends from

MyPoints, you should run a survey and ask how many people are just not bothering to do your surveys since they are required to do them in Internet Exploder.  You're compromising your survey data by requiring exclusive use of one browser that only garners 1/10th of the market.