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Looking for Sponsors for Boy Scout Troop Website

I'm building a new website for my son's Boy Scout Troop.  I have the framework up so I can demo it for the troop.  If you'd like to see it, I have it set up at

This will be a social network-style site, so the kids and parents will be able to log in, create profiles, have discussion groups, share photos, etc.  It will really help the troop organize events, do community service work and coordinate.  I think it will also be a great way for former scouts to stay in touch with their troop.
I would like to make this site free for the troop so it will be a "no-brainer" when I present it to the troop leadership committee.  The cost to host the site at the level we need for two years is approximately $162, or about $6.75 a month.
As far as I can tell, it's OK to have corporate sponsors and acknowledge them on a sponsors page.
Are there any local businesses out there that want to chip in toward the cost of the site?  In exchange, I will make a sponsor page where each sponsor will have a business card-sized ad with a link to their own website.  Your ad will stay on the site for the entire 2 year period which you are a sponsor.
I would like to find 6 sponsors.  If you divide that up, that means you will be getting a 2 year sponsorship ad that backlinks to your website for just $27!
Actually, make that 5 sponsors, because I'm going to buy one for my business 🙂
Interested?  Let me know.

This Place Just Didn’t Cut The Mustard!

This restaurant didn't cut the mustard and never did ketchup (LOL)! Thank you to Thane Bryenton of RelyLocal and Thurston County Guide for sharing this photo on Facebook.  Made my evening 🙂

This restaurant didn't cut the mustard and never did ketchup (LOL)!


Updated My WordPress Theme

This website was the very first WordPress site I ever created.  Much thanks goes to Idenizer for their Paper Wall Theme.  I continue to use this theme for this site.  I think it's just the right mood and feel for my personal blog.

Now that I have a couple years of CSS and WordPress under my belt, I decided to go back and tweak the theme to adjust some minor bugs, as well as some style preferences.  For example, I removed most of the block/justified text and changed it to left justified.  I also increased the size of the article content.

When I first set up this site, I had absolutely no idea how to do those things 🙂  It was gratifying to see just how far my skills have progressed since then.

I am in the process of setting up my professional blog at  That site is more specifically designed to outline my different skills, experiences, and background.  I will continue to update this site as my "personal" blog.  I need a place to post off-the-wall comments, jokes, and just vent, so this is the place.

Hope you like the tweaks I made here.  Please check out as well and let me know what you think.  It's not done by a long shot, but I have the framework in place.