Fix for Error Code “LE” on LG Front Load Washing Machine

I just had an interesting experience with our LG washing machine today. I found some hints for the solution online buried in some user forums, but I thought posting my particular solution here in a less cluttered blog might make it easier to find.

I had just run a load of laundry, emptied the machine, and reloaded. I put the detergent in and started the machine. After sitting for about 2 minutes with no activity, a "LE" error message appeared.

While the online forums indicated this might be a problem with a sensor, I was able to solve the problem by doing the following:

1. Press the Power button
2. Manually rotate the hopper 4 times clockwise and 4 times counter-clockwise.
3. Press the power button and run the machine normally.

Don't know if this will work for everyone, but it worked for me. If I keep getting the error message, I'll have to call LG and find out about this sensor I was reading about.

  • Connie

    Have a 6 yr old TROMM LG front loader… Got the LE message this morning, have never had other problems… Searched the web for a fix, this was the first advise I looked at and it worked!!!!!!!!!

  • Denny C

    Just go the LE error code and this works. I can’t thank you enough for this fix!!!

  • bttrcup143

    My 10 yr old LG WM1832CW front load washer started giving me problems a month after moving to my new home. Error LE. I tried the tips on this page with no luck. We replaced the stator senor and it worked. It was easy enough to do ourselves. Until two weeks ago when I got the code again. I immediately ordered the same part since it was cheap enough. After we fixed it the 2nd time, I ran 2 loads and the LE error code came back. I was in tears. So I pulled this page again and tried the steps again. I had to try 3 times but eventually it worked! When I turned the drum though I think I had to turn it hard enough to make it power itself back on eliminating the last step. I think that might have been the trick. Thank you soooooo much for saving me lots of money!

  • bttrcup143

    got 2 more loads out of it before getting the same message. ugh.

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  • Great Fix! Thank you very much.

  • LGturner

    worked for me today. I did both the unplug and sit for 30 minutes + 4 full turns in both directions. thank you!

    • The turns didn’t work, but I flipped off the circuit breaker for five minutes and it worked.

      • Rule #1 of anything with a computer chip. It it starts acting funky, turn it off (completely) and turn it on again. Sounds silly to reboot your washing machine, but that’s exactly what you did πŸ™‚

  • Rachel

    Thank you for posting! Fixed mine, too. :o)

  • Nursebytrade

    Thank you so much Alan, you saved us a huge service fee. It worked like a charm!

  • CarolRich1

    my LG machines are seven years old and have had this issue several times as well. I had several service calls since they were under warranty and during my last warranty call, techinician ordered the sensor assembly but did not need it and left with me. I am experiencing the same issue again and was thrilled to find your site with these helpful tips as warranty is now expired. Unfortunately turning the drum/hopper is not working but was pleased to find directions on replacing the sensor assembly. Will try this later today. Thanks for saving us from needlessly spending hard earned money on an issue LG needs to correct, address and maybe recall. Shame on you LG!!! Kudos to you Russ!!!

  • Teresa

    Worked! Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  • Rodney

    Russ I am having the same issue as most and read this blog page today. Thanks for taking the time to do this it has been helpful to me, Hope to have some good news soon ,as I am working on the issues now.

  • jnkm2001

    Awesome!!! Just had the “LE” code on my LG front loader and turned it clockwise and counter-clockwise and its working!!! Thank you so much!

  • marcella

    OK, I could pretty much reach through this screen and kiss you!!! I’m getting ready to leave on a 10-day vacation and I put an important load of clothes in the washer and got the LE error (which according to my service guide – requires a service call.) I used your quick fix and while the load isn’t finished yet, it appears to have done the trick! THANKS!!!!!

  • David Dibble

    NO WAY! It worked πŸ™‚ It’s good to be the King!

  • MrBigglesworth

    Instruction number 1 is not clear, so you press power…then release? and then do steps 2 and 3, or press and hold power while you turn the hopper/drum then press power again to shut down and press again to restart for normal operation?

  • mrflan

    I can’t believe it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU :)))))

  • Darlene

    I have a LG THOMM (8 yrs or so) and I keep getting a dE error after several attempts of opening and shutting the door and changing cycles the washer will finally start the cycle, or during the cycle the error will pop up. Now and then I will get a PE error. Help !

  • Mark Daniel Adamczyk

    I had same “LE” code, and the clockwise and counterclockwise did not work for me. However, I put it on “speed wash” and it went through fine.

    • Dee Smith

      THANK YOU!!!!! This worked immediately …. I had tried leaving it off. I had tried turning the drum. I have a medical condition and at the moment could not move the washer out to unplug it and allow it to reset. As the medical condition prevented me from also hobbling down to the basement to flip the fuse to the washer, I was getting frustrated. I kept searching and searching …. your a blessing. Thank you for sharing your solution. My machine is a 2006 and I was starting to worry that it was just getting too old.

      • Really

        Worked for me thank you. Omg thank you.

  • Jay

    Thanks this worked like a charm. I thought I was going to have a huge repair bill. Thanks Again!!!!!!


    Thank you SO much! I followed your steps above and it didn’t work, so I did them again except added a 2a. step which was unplugging the machine for a few minutes, and that seemed to work!!! I was trying to wash a pillow and i feel like this is what caused the problem. Thanks for the help!

  • John Vance

    Worked great, thanks. πŸ™‚

  • V.

    Thank you, it worked on my 10 year old LG as well but no one in this forum is wondering why it worked besides the reboot thing. (I am an IT person as well). I think the issue is gunging up of the drum due to fabric softeners and other junk. DO NOT USE fabric softeners if you want your amazing LG to last. I did a bleach cycle with hot water once it started up again and will no longer use the softeners. They are nasty.

  • MyGardenHaven

    Yay! Along with an unplug, this worked. Thank you.

  • Jessy

    This worked for me! Thank you so much!! πŸ™‚

  • This is what worked for me:

    1. See “LE” flashing on display
    2. Unplug the washer from the AC outlet
    3. Wait 5 minutes
    4. Rotate the drum/hopper 4 times clockwise
    5. Rotate the drum/hopper 4 times counterclockwise
    6. Plug the washer back into the AC outlet
    7. Press the Power button.
    8. Select the “Drain & Spin” cycle
    9. Press the dial to start

    All good now!

    • Gary

      thanks worked well

    • Cappie

      Just tried this, as the LE code flashed as a load of towels was about to be washed in my 6-year-old Tromm. So far, so good. I could not, however, find a ‘drain & spin’ cycle (different model, perhaps?), so tried ‘rinse & spin’, one of the optional custom cycles, which started up immediately. I may LG to see about replacing the sensor, regardless of whether the machine is–for now–back to its regular self; sounds as tho’ quite a few people have had a sensor issue at about this time in the machine’s life.

    • tech-support mom

      Yep, worked for me too!
      Unplugged overnight (too tired to deal with it then).
      Next morning rotated both ways, 2 times, even with wet, very heavy clothes inside + water.
      Plugged back in and YAY! Everything back to normal.
      Thanks to someone who pointed out the Rinse + No Spin option, for a very short 12 min. cycle to drain the machine that doesn’t have a Drain option.

  • Christy

    Thanks!! Can’t believe it worked!! Ran the speed wash cycle afterwards.

  • MadChemist

    Same problem here (the drum would turn once clockwise, once counterclockwise, then the machine would whine for a while and stop with a LE error – the drum turning thing did not work for me). Ordered the 6501KW2002A sensor from eBay, installed it and the machine works good as new! And the sensor is super easy to install, you only need a screwdriver and a couple of wrenches. Be careful to screw the main axle bold very tightly, otherwise the plastic piece linking motor to drum may get damaged.

    Sensor : 28$
    Service call + labor + overpriced piece = 200$ or more saved for beer (to drink while unscrewing a Direct Drive motor)

  • Dawn

    Just tried this method, and it fixed the problem through 4 loads so far. Thank you for saving me a service call!!!

  • Becky

    Didn’t work for me but I bought the part from eBay for $17 n my hubby who is not a savy repair man was able to fix it using you tube. Thanks!!!

  • Happy Camper

    I will have to say that when I read your solution I was very skeptical, but I was desperate so I tried it and to my astonishment, it worked! Thank you for taking the time to post this problem solving solution!

  • Homer Bartlett

    Add me to the “this worked for me” column. It didn’t the first time, which I did with it powered off. I then unplugged it for 5 minutes, plugged it back in, turned it on, rotated clockwise 4 times and counter-clockwise 4 times and then it worked perfectly. Thank you!

  • Fred

    I followed your suggested steps above:

    1. Press the Power button
    2. Manually rotate the hopper 4 times clockwise and 4 times counter-clockwise.
    3. Press the power button and run the machine normally.

    And that worked, perfectly! Thanks.

  • lisa

    My machine is turning on, has no error code but wont start. I am so frustrated!

  • dufher

    Brilliant! Owners manual says to call for service if you get an LE code. I drained the drum and cleaned the filter. Rotated slowly four times clockwise and four counterclockwise. I ran a quick/rinse and spin and it works fine. I remember this happening about 7 years ago when it was new and at the time I think I manually turned the drum (just for fun since front loader was still a novelty) and it was during that time I got the LE code. I had it serviced and it never happened again until yesterday. I have made it a point to never manually spin the drum after loading it ever since-yesterday my adult son did his laundry and admitted to manually spinning the drum after loading to test the weight and right after he started the cycle the LE code came on. I’m thinking that moving the drum after loading but before turning on somehow messes with the sensors…….

    • jon

      how did you drain the drum

      • frank

        The metal peace below the door has 2 or 3 screws at the bottom. Take out the screws and remove the metal sheet. There should be a drain screw (you cant miss it) mark the edge with a marker so when you put it back in and tighten it, it lines back up with the mark. Also have towles and a bucket if not near a floor drain

      • Lisa Arnett

        Turn the power on, don’t choose a type of cycle, press the spin mode button to “no spin,” (the read out should now say the number 1) then press start. It just drains and then shuts off.

  • Bryan

    Thanks! Worked great for my 7 year old LG TROMM WM2077CW. Unplug, spin drum 4 times clockwise, 4 times counterclockwise, plug, and run normal cycle.

  • Sally Dogs

    At first (3x actually) I tried the “spin the hopper” method and this didn’t work. Then I unplugged and set to Speed Wash and off she went. Stopped the washer and set back to Nornal wash setting and all is fine. Thanks everyone!

  • Jessi

    I cannot believe it…emptied the machine, did the 8 spins….nothing…tried again….nothing…read further on the thread and saw unplug and when started again do the speed wash….It worked…drum turned fine again….whoooo hoooo!!!!! Mine is just like the one in the picture…was beginning to see laundromats in my future!

  • Deneece

    Thank you for taking the time to post this fix. I followed it and my machine is up and running. Unfortunately it looks like a sensor is our future. I have used this method multiple times. Time to give in to a service call. πŸ™

    Canadian Housewife/Mrs. Fixit

  • Cappie

    Great blog, really helpful post about the LG. My Tromm is rinsing & spinning as good as ever after following your advice–and that of another poster, whom I’ve thanked–and I hope it continues that way. it’s good to know that, a year after you did your LE fix, your machine was still going strong. I may, however, check into getting a new sensor from LG, given my motor is <7 years old. Might be worth the inevitable hassle and cost. Again, many thanks for taking the time to post such a useful blog.

  • Rick

    I simply unplugged the machine for about 30 minutes and tried again. Worked just fine.

    • Anything digital is just a glorified computer. Rule #1 of computers: if it freezes, shut it off (or unplug it) and start it up from scratch.

  • FBH

    worked for me

  • Craig

    Thanks! It looks like this did the trick for me.

  • frspr

    and….touch your head and rub your belly at the same time LOL! This worked exactly as prescribed! Thank you soooo much!

    • Try disabling the traction control on a Prius (see my blog article) if you want to see something that requires more song and dance.

  • Bobby

    That did not work but here is what DID WORK! Pull the washer out form the wall. Tilt it backwards as far as you can, then forwards and to each side. It worked fine after! I assume it got out of balance or something. Hope that works
    for you as it did me,!

    • BC

      What I’ve seen on mine is the Hall Effect sensor is fine, but the terminals have contact issues after a while. The first time I had the LE error, I replaced the sensor, and was fine for several months. The second time, all I did was re-seat the plug on the sensor, and was also fine for several months. It seems the pins in the connector are susceptible to vibration or surface corrosion. Every year or so, I must reseat the connector on the sensor in order to keep it operating normally.

      • jim

        do you think dielectric grease on the plug would be helpful?

  • Girl Power

    LE error just happened to me, tried your suggestion and IT WORKED!! Finally something that really works thank you. πŸ™‚

  • Catherine F

    Wow, it worked! Thanks!

  • Jon

    I tried the method but doesn’t seem to work. I have standing water in the drum. Does it need drained somehow

  • Chris

    I just tried this technique and it worked! I was able to successfully fix the error code of LE by following the steps indicated above. Thank you for this simple, easy to follow process. I was nice to tell my husband that I had fixed to washer.

  • Guest_USA

    Thank you so much! This has resolved the problem with no cost to me. Many other online tips suggested a new motor would be required which costs several hundred dollars. You rock!