Fix for Error Code “LE” on LG Front Load Washing Machine

I just had an interesting experience with our LG washing machine today. I found some hints for the solution online buried in some user forums, but I thought posting my particular solution here in a less cluttered blog might make it easier to find.

I had just run a load of laundry, emptied the machine, and reloaded. I put the detergent in and started the machine. After sitting for about 2 minutes with no activity, a "LE" error message appeared.

While the online forums indicated this might be a problem with a sensor, I was able to solve the problem by doing the following:

1. Press the Power button
2. Manually rotate the hopper 4 times clockwise and 4 times counter-clockwise.
3. Press the power button and run the machine normally.

Don't know if this will work for everyone, but it worked for me. If I keep getting the error message, I'll have to call LG and find out about this sensor I was reading about.

  • Update…. no recurrence of the error code after about 6 washes. I think this cleared it up 🙂

    • Jim

      Thanks for posting this Russ
      I have had this happen several times over the last 12 years and your ‘fix’ works every time.

    • Maryann Wasilewski Vici

      Thank you for posting this, it is very helpful. It worked and saved me money.

  • Washer Error Codes

    The RPS sensor is on the rear of the washing machine, the error code LE is very common on these washing machines, the sensor needs to be replaced 99% of the time. ErrorCodes
    You got lucky friend and saved about $200 so good job!!

    • Jenb58

      So glad I found this fix!  So far it is working! Thank you so much!
       I had called the repair shop and they said it would be a minimum of 175.00 up to 400.00!  SHEW!

      • Exactly how I felt when I found the answer.  I was determined to NOT have to call a repairman 🙂

  • Blackbeard898

    Thanks for the blog, mine just did the same thing and I found your site and tried it and it worked….for now.

    • Glad I could help.  I had to search quite a bit to find  the solution myself, which is why I posted it.

  • Ali501

    I found this while searching for a solution to the same problem. It worked! Thank you for posting this.  

  • It’s so funny how a seemingly off-the-wall post can turn out to be helpful 🙂  Glad I was able to answer the question for you.

    The general rule of anything with an electronic brain: if it stops working right, reboot it or shut it off and turn it on again.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a laptop, a car or a washing machine — they’re all computers and they can all crash.

  • …and FWIW, my washer has been working perfectly since I ran this fix.  No repeat offenses.

  • Jenb58

    So glad I found this fix!  So far it is working! Thank you so much! I had called the repair shop and they said it would be a minimum of 175.00 up to 400.00!  SHEW!Flag

  • Catalin

    I got the LE
    code about a month and a half ago, and consequently went online to look for a
    fix. I found tons of complains about this, and seems to be a problem with the
    LG machines. I do have a washer/dryer combo for about 7 years now, and the warranty
    for the motor was about to expire, therefore I decided to call service instead
    of wasting any more time trying to reset the sensor. Because that is what’s
    causing the LE code, a $23 sensor in the motor. I was able to reset the sensor
    a few times, but will come back in week, so sooner or later you will have to
    get it fixed or buy another machine. My combo cost me over $1500 after sales
    tax, and is in very good shape still. Also, the newer models are taller so
    won’t fit under the countertop, therefore replacing instead of repairing was
    not even on the table. So I called LG, they were very friendly, walked me
    through all the things I already tried and since nothing worked they gave me 2
    numbers of authorized service centers in the area (Chicago). Was Saturday
    morning, around 10 AM. I called the first number, and they were closed for the
    week end, so I tried the second one. Believe it or not, not only they were
    open, but 2 Korean gents (from “L” Electronics) arrived to my home in 90
    minutes, very professional, and very proud of their brand, one of them actually
    worked in the LG plant for about 3 years back home, within the hour the machine
    was a good as new, and not only that, but they worked so clean and organized
    that you could not even tell anything happen, even though they had to do a bit
    of plumbing work having to disconnect the hoses.

    Cost was $195
    ($80 for the visit and diagnostic, $90 one hr. of labor to replace the sensor,
    and $25 for the sensor and tax).

    Nothing lasts
    forever, so having to spend $200 in 7 years for a minor repair, and done in
    such a professional and fast manner, is well worth it. I witnessed the repair,
    and the machine is very strong build, a direct drive motor, and after 7 years
    of service there was no rust nor any significant wear and tear signs. If you
    want to save money you can replace the sensor yourself, but I personally prefer
    to let a professional do it, not to mention that if you mess up you will void
    whatever is left of the warranty (don’t forget, the motor/drive is warrantied
    for 7 years! so in case of failure you only pay labor).

    I hope this

    • After I reset mine the first time, the problem never recurred.  Mine must have just been a glitch.

      Hey, all these things are just computers.  First thing I always do is “reboot” and see if that fixes it.

      • snoop

        How do I reset or reboot the washer? Please help me …. I’m very desperate.

    • Kay

      Hey Russ

      Very frustrated LG owner here.

      Got the LE code called for service , he ran diagnostics and replaced the drain pump . Seemed to fix the problem ….did three loads and got code again. Second repair man came out did nothing ordered new motor and sensor ( at no additional charge to us ) ran about 3 loads received code again.

      Only thing left is to replace the wiring if i understand the repair guys ?!!!

      Tried your clockwise counter cloclwise method did not work 🙁 any ideas???
      My LG front loader is 10 years old , do i need to bite the bullet and buy a new washer 🙁


      • Reggie

        I experienced the same LE error sound on my Defy top loader and I followed the instruction of a local Defy expert of allowing only hot water to be soaked in a washer without clothes. Second step is to spin even though it was refusing when the laundry is inside now it was working when it’s only water. After the water is all drained out, you can stop and enjoy your fully operational machine. Reggie

    • PissedoffinAZ

      Can you send those guys to AZ? I called LG and they quoted me $150 for the call, $89 for a “technician’s fee” and after that, parts and labor extra. So $239, plus tax, just to walk in the door. They told me repair man had to order the part before coming (sight unseen, he knows what part?). Repair man then called and left a message saying the same thing and gee, did I really want to repair that old machine? It was made in 2004 and my folks bought it in 2005, so you’re telling me 8 1/2 years is OLD? I had a Kenmore set that was 30 years old I sold to a friend, and I regretted leaving my 20 year old set in Wisconsin when I moved.

      • Gibbs

        Life span of all appliances 5-8 years

        • PissedoffinAZ

          Not in my house. 🙂

    • Todd

      When you rotate the tub manually, does it make a metallic clanking sound as you spin it. I know I’m answering my own question but is this sound normal. My error code was LE.

      • CVN

        This was so long ago I even forgot I left this post … Afer that repair the machine never failed again, runs like a champ even today, so was a great return for the $195 it seems I spent 🙂
        Once again, was very long time ago so I don’t recall most of details, but as far as I rember there was no sound wasn’t supposed to be there. The burnt out sensor is just that, a sensor, so should not make a mechanical noise if is out, the washer will operate as it usually does but every once in a while the code will just pop up. The clunking noise must be a bearing going out, and the extra play in drum’s operation triggers the sensor.

  • Harveybar99

    Getting ready to try this now… keeping my fingers crossed…

  • Tprosch

    We have a 6 year old LG 2277 front load washer that stopped running with a LE error code. The machine would hum and try to turn the drum, but that was all.
    Tried the recommended unplug, 30 min wait, etc. No help.
    Tried to get a repairman out and was given an estimate of $520 to replace the “motor”
    Looked on google and found lots of LE problems, most were fixed with reset, but lots referred to sencer assm- HALL switch and/or stator assm.
    Ordered both parts from Price, about $20 and $117 stator.
    The replacement consisted of removing the back cover, removing the rotor with one bolt. You have to hold the rotor from turning while loosening the bolt, slide the rotor off of the spline shaft, take off 6 or was it 8, bolts holding the stator, unplug the two wire plugs, and, now, out of machine, unclip the hall sensor and replace.
    Reinstall opposite  way.
    This fixed my problem and will now return the stator for refund.

  • Windhawks

    My LG washer stops in the middle of a cycle.  An error lite comes on that is an upside down F and the letter E  Does anyone know how I can deal with that one?

    • Mayme O’Steen Ryan

      Having the same problem with an upside down f and e

  • I am trying it now.

  • Kathleensgarrett

    Just tried it and it seems to be working. Thank you so much. I was a wreck thinking I was going to have to pay a fortune it get it fixed. Thanks for your advice. It was a lifesafer. I just did what you suggested and put on rinse cycle and it is working sor far…

  • raptor22

    it worked!!  THANK YOU!

    • Kathleensgarrett

      Just wanted to say that this site is great. The washer did reset but then went back to the same error code. I ordered the part from, only the sensor which was around 20 dollars. I ordered it after 4pm on Monday, regular shipping and got it next day at 10am. My son, a college student followed the directs(video) on appliance parts web site. It took him 2o minutes and it is working fine. A service call alone was going to be 90 dollars. This saved me hundreds of dollars and gave my son confidence to tackle jobs like this. My husband died a few years ago, and he wouldn’t have tried this. THANK YOU RUSS ALLMAN…

  • Guest

    Oh my God, it worked! I’m staying with a neighbor and was so afraid I broke his washing machine. Thank you so much.

  • Amrusso2

    what’s the hopper?

  • Bcarney100

    Tried this and it worked!  Thanks!

  • It’s been cool watching this thread grow over the past couple years.  Glad I’ve been able to help so many people!

    FWIW, I have not had the error recur on my LG washer since.

    • Thanks Russ Alman for the advice on the message error on the LG’s! I followed your advice and instantly my washer was back ion service!! Thanks so much!

    • snoop

      Hi, Russ. I’m a single mother and know nothing about these terms. What’s a hooper? Is it the washer drum or the dial snob? Thanks for all your help.

    • Juan

      My washer had that same LE error message what should I do?

  • Debvan

    Thank God this worked! I cannot thank you enough for even thinking about writing of your repair! The washer is running without clothes right now, when it finishes, I will try with clothes.

  • Ctom

    Uh not sure why this works but I turned the drum with the power on as instructed and the washer completed its cycle without the LE code coming on.  

  • Fornow50

    I have a LG and it will not agitate the clothes.  It will not go into spin ever. It does show a L3 code..Can you help

  • matt

    No luck here, 🙁

  • matt

    I tried this thread for over an hour and finally started working.
    The 1 thing I’ve learned is you have to have patience

  • Mark

    Worked for me! Power to the people! By the way, the ‘hopper’ is the drum.

    • Yes, thanks for the clarification. I’m not the most mechanically adept person in the world. Great around computers and technology though, so I treated this as a computer repair 🙂

      • sherry

        Thank you So Much! you made my day!!! My Dryer is on the fritz I think its the bearings….then the washer started this mess last night…. I think I just made a new friend! Thank you Russ!


      • Manny

        Thanks a lot for every…. for sharing. INTERNET is heaven and Google is GOD! could not find this post without it.

  • janet D

    first i cleaned the filter and it still wasn’t working. then i read your site and did the reset and BINGO it worked like a charm. so thank you for saving me a phone call and i’m sure hundreds of dollars.

  • David Levey

    Yes this works. I tried this a couple of times with no success and then did the following: I left the machine unplugged for about twenty minutes to reset. During that time I opened the control panel. Six screws on the back of the machine where the buttons are. I then proceeded to unplug and plug back in the connections that go down to the motor. A possible cause for this error is that a connection is lose. I then plugged it back in and did the 4 clockwise and 4 counter clockwise rotations and success.

  • Stoiker

    Just tried this and it worked. Unplugged for 30 minutes, 4 turns one way, 4 turn the other way…and it’s seems to be working. Thx for all your help!!!;)!!! Knock on wood 8 years and working well.

  • Boise

    Yes, this worked. My washer is 6.5 yrs old and I’ve never had a problem. I know exactly what caused the LE error. I was unloading and heard a sound like coins or a pocketknife from pants pockets. I spun the drum to find the object and the washer beeped and all the lights turned on. I powered it off, started a load and continually got the LE error. I tried unplugging, powering off and on. Finally It worked after i manually spun the drum several times both ways. Thanks for the simple fix.

  • worked for me THANKS!!!!

  • Patience is definitely the key, I had to unplug the washer for 30 minutes, then plug it in and turn on power, then spin drum clockwise 4 times, then counter 4 times and POOF!!! magic and it all works again…….thanks Russ for the easy cheap fix!!!

  • 4mygrls

    I just got a OE error code. I looked it up and it said drain plug is clogged. I drained out the water, clean filter and ran tub clean. It drained fine when i test ran a spin/drain cycle beore running the tub clean cycle. When i ran the tub clean cycle the error code came up again and wouldn’t drain water out of the drum. Also, the machine is making a loud humming noise when it is draining the water. Does this mean that the drain pump is going bad?

    • I’m not technically savvy enough to answer that question for you. You’ll need to talk to a repair technician about that one.

      • hiiiiii

        yeah I had that problem to.. I replaced the drain pump and all is well now

    • Homer Bartlett

      You’ve probably long since found a fix for this, but in case anyone else sees this, we had this happen to ours. Technician replaced the circulation and drain pumps, even though they “tested good.” That was 7 months ago and it’s still working fine. RepairClinic has a YouTube video showing how to do this, so if it happens again I’ll probably try doing it myself to save $275.

  • Jessica

    Oh my gosh what a saving garce this post was. I was in a total panic. My service warrenty just ended 3 months ago, but so far so good it’s working!!! Thanks for posting this information for everyone to read.

  • maria

    You’re a genius!!! Just got that LE code for the first time on my 6 yr old LG 2077 washer and I followed your instructions and it’s up and running properly again. While I was at it I also cleaned out the filter and it was so filthy!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!! my husband now thinks I’m the

  • Jamie

    My LG washer is about 8 years old and just started to do something similar. However, mine will cycle thru until the last spin cycle, then the drum won’t spin and I get the LE error. Tried roast acting drum manually, doesn’t help. Ay suggestions?

    • Jamie

      Tried rotating drum manually, doesnt help. Any suggestions?

  • Pat

    We did the reset today. I had a very honest repairman come over anyway to check the machine, but he assured me we were good to go. Thanks so much!

  • Mark Lattanzi

    It worked for me a second time. The first time was about a year ago. Your solution resolved it immediately. This time, it took 4 tries, but it finally worked.

  • Codhalibut

    Got the message today (Dec. 1, 2012). Did the spins, now it works! Thanks.

  • Jme

    So i emptied the washer and found a piece of a pen and i rotated by hand the hopper a couple times to see if anything was still in there. I loaded the washer and started it and within a couple minutes got an LE code. Attempted to shut down and “reboot” i think i spun it once by hand and NOTHING. Right before Christmas a single mom with 4 kids and way backed up on laundry and a bust Washer. YIKES! Straight to the Internet and Google LG front load washer error code LE and here is your post. Red it. Went to laundry room. Turned a few times by hand and BAM…its working although I’m so nervous now………Thank You for your post ~

  • Sassychick2005

    Thank You for posting this. My husband was away for three days. THIS WORKED!!!!! I fixed it myself…

  • neilespo

    I just fixed this error with sensor assembly part #6501KW2002A. $10 on Amazon. Theres a YouTube video giving step by step directions. Took about a half hour. Probably saved $500. Thanks!!!!!

    • Gary

      no le code also rotated drum manually 4times counter and clockwise thx after leaving beast unplugged for five minutes

  • Rex Kramer

    Worked for me!. Thanks, if there’s ever anything I can do for you…

  • Wooden Hearts

    WOW Thank you ! I’m out of work and just didn’t know what I was going to do! Thank you Thank you!

  • No Money No Washer

    Thank you, thank you, thank you….. not only did the LE code come on but it was leaking from the bottom. I was trying to buy a bellow which I thought was the problem. Come to find out my daughter pulled the hose too much while draining the filter and it had come out!!! Two seconds to put back on and yipee!!!! Thank you again! This site saved me alot of $$$$$$!!!! Happy New Year!!! xxx & ooo!!!

  • Jose

    Super Thx! It worked me Jan 1 2013!

  • Guest

    This may sound silly, but what part of the machine is the “hopper”. Is it the drum? Or the wash cycle dial on the front of the machine? Or something else?
    I’ve been getting a couple of error codes on a refurbished LG3987. Thanks!

    • Yes, the drum. I should have been clearer.

      I’m the same person that asked my father when I was 6 years old what the “other name for aurora borealis” was. J

  • arrowhead

    i have done the same thing and…after that stopped working i would dis connect and re connect the 3 wires that go to the motor- red- blue- yellow . this would work every time.. the motor and hall sensor were replaced a year ago (because of the same problem,so i hope its not the motor).. i ordered the main controll board for $220 from sears in october 2012, then the damn thing stopped acting up …until today, i am going to replace the main pcb and hope it solves the problem…

  • Mark Holder

    Russ, all I can say is you’re smarter than the average bear! Thanks, my hat’s off to you my man.

    Mark H.
    Austin, Tx

  • Bob

    Once again, Russ, the 4 clockwise, 4 counter clockwise did the trick. Thanks for your advice.

  • DrCapJ

    Feb. 2013 – worked again thank you so much. I was tired of putting money to repair people that don’t know anything except to replace parts for no reason. My washer was leaking from the drawer like a water fall. After $400 in repairs, I realized the cold water tide clogged the upper hose. The repair guy noticed this, but still replaced my drawer and face plate, when all it really needed was to use HOT water more often. Thanx again Russ.

  • Chris

    Turn it 4 times clockwise did for me thanks!!!