Fix for Error Code “LE” on LG Front Load Washing Machine

I just had an interesting experience with our LG washing machine today. I found some hints for the solution online buried in some user forums, but I thought posting my particular solution here in a less cluttered blog might make it easier to find.

I had just run a load of laundry, emptied the machine, and reloaded. I put the detergent in and started the machine. After sitting for about 2 minutes with no activity, a "LE" error message appeared.

While the online forums indicated this might be a problem with a sensor, I was able to solve the problem by doing the following:

1. Press the Power button
2. Manually rotate the hopper 4 times clockwise and 4 times counter-clockwise.
3. Press the power button and run the machine normally.

Don't know if this will work for everyone, but it worked for me. If I keep getting the error message, I'll have to call LG and find out about this sensor I was reading about.

  • Kelli


  • gr8ful1

    I cannot thank you enough for posting this!!! I am doing laundry the day before my holiday flight home and the LE message appeared on my last load! I turned the hopper, and now it’s working! Bless you!!!

  • guest man

    This Worked Great – Thanks —

    1. Press the Power button
    2. Manually rotate the drum 4 times clockwise and 4 times counter-clockwise.
    3. Press the power button and run the machine normally.

  • Sherry

    Whoo-Hoo! You sir are an absolute genius! Thank you.

  • Amy R

    Thank you for the tip! My 5 year old son had been spinning the drum and some lights came on. I paid no attention cause that had happened a couple times before over the years. Started the next load, water but no tumbling. Tried again, same thing. Looked this up. Tried solution with clothes still in washer, nothing, just more water. Tried without clothes, nothing but, gulp, more water. Soaked up excess water with a towel. This time I spun it around till those lights came on, like when my son had done it. This time it worked. Paused it, put in half the load and it still worked. SO relieved! Sincerely, thank you!

  • Fitnik91

    Fixed it! Don’t know if it was spinning the hopper (the 2nd time) or cleaning out the filter (it contained a penny), but it was a direct result of this thread. Thank you!!!

  • Bill

    Tried the above with no luck three times. So suggested unplugging and replugging and try, and it worked

  • aekta


  • me

    worked for my lg. i accidently moved the drum while gathering change and musta tripped out the sensor. this process reset the sensor. I unplugged. turned drum clockwise 4 times, counterclockwise 4 times. plugged back in. works perfect again.

  • Gus

    I tried a few variations and had success with the following:

    Remove clothes from washer. Unplug from wall. Wait 30 minutes. Rotate four times clockwise, then four times counter clock wise. Plug in and turn on.

    I immediately started a cycle with no clothes to see if the hopper would start to turn and it did.

  • hardlynormal

    02/08/2014 Tried the Off/ Clockwise 4 turns, Reverse 4 turns several times with NO luck, then I unplug the machine, waited 2 minutes, pluged in, and tried the 4/4 turn… worked like a charm, thanks for the good advise…

  • maxdaniels

    Yep, just worked for me too, Feb 2014. THANK YOU. Did not need further appliance anguish, as boiler died the day before :)

  • George

    This happened to my son last night when he tried to wash a load of clothes. I found this site this morning and repeated the steps several times and then suddenly all was well with the world once again. Three flawless loads of laundry later and I’m still lauding this lovable Russ Alman dude.

  • Mo

    It just worked for me- after unplugging and replugging didn’t work nor did rocking it back and forth. So thanks for the info

  • Sunny

    This worked for me. The hopper is the dial on the switch board. Four times counterclockwise mean all the way to the right. Also unplug it 4 10 sec before doing this.

  • DiDi

    OMG! Thank you so much!! it worked!!!!

  • Thankfu-LE.

    Thanks much for the thread. We have a TROMM and thought it was a goner. Then read and realized I had actually thought, “Oops, a bit more detergent than usual. Oh, well,” when I loaded the machine. Followed the shutdown and drain method, with 30 minutes unplugged. Running as usual!

  • Guest

    Don’t usually participate in discussions. However, I was just doing laundry and the washer stopped and the LE error code appeared, looking for a fix….it works…thanks Russ

  • Johnny

    Used this 10X already and have it bookmarked! Thanks so much!

    • dfyg

      Tried all the above short of ordering supplies I didn’t know if I needed or not. Finally just rocked it front to back while it was in its” pre-LE error light mode” and the agitator started working and so far all is well. Couldn’t even get it to accept the speed wash setting. Good luck to all, as luck seems to be the correct application…..Ron

  • Brandon

    That was great advice Russ! I utilized this method for my “LE” code and it fixed the problem. I hope more people find this and at least try the free method. Thank you kind sir!