Disable Traction Control on a Prius

With the snow and ice here in Olympia last night, I once again had to disable the traction control on my Prius.  Otherwise, the car will not make it up a hill!  Most cars with traction control have a button to turn it off.  Why the Prius does not is beyond me.  This is my 2nd Prius with traction control, and both cars have been a real pain in the snow.

You can turn off the traction control; however, it is convoluted to say the least.  Since there is a way to turn it off, why the hell can’t Toyota simply provide a button to do it??

To disable traction control on the Prius:

  1. Turn the car to ignition by pressing START twice without pressing the brake.
  2. Floor the gas pedal two times (two full top to bottom pressings)
  3. Make sure the parking brake is on, and while pressing the brake pedal put the car into NEUTRAL
  4. Again press the gas pedal two times
  5. Push PARK and press the gas pedal two more times
  6. Now put your foot on the BRAKE and press START one time while holding the brake down.

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