What the @#$%^& is a “One Month Anniversary” ??

I was just writing a monthly contract for a client and wanted to describe the date each month that the bill would be due.  I was about to write “monthly anniversary,” when I realized that makes absolutely no sense!

By definition, an anniversary is something that happens once a year.  However, there is no official word in the English language to describe a monthly, recurring date.

So I looked it up on Google, and came across this:

Sometimes we use the phrase “one month anniversary” or “x-month anniversary” to denote a milestone in months rather than years.  However, “anniversary” is the ‘annual recurring of a past date event’ (dictionary.com), technically referring to years, not months.  Is there a word, derived from Latin or otherwise that is more accurate when referring to the ‘monthly recurring of a past date event?

If the word for the commemoration of a yearly event is anniversary, by analogy the logical word for the commemoration of a monthly event should be “mensiversary.”  “Anniversary” comes from the Latin “annum,” meaning year.  (The “versary” part comes from a Latin word referring to turning.) The Latin word for month is “mensis.” Hence, mensiversary. I’ve not found this word in any reputable dictionary, but perhaps exposure in Google Answers can help to put it there. 😉

“MEN-SI-VER-SA-RY (mèn´se-vûr´se-rê) noun 1. The monthly recurring date of a past event, especially one of historical, national, or personal importance: a first date mensiversary; the mensiversary of the founding of Nerstone Pictures. 2. A celebration commemorating such a date. from Latin: mensis, month + versus, past participle of vertere, to turn.”

The original post is here, if you’re interested: http://a-mc.us/a3kRQX

Now that’s got me thinking: maybe I’ve discovered a whole new marketing idea for greeting card companies.  Why settle for a card just once each year you are married when you could have 12 mensiversaries instead? (Based on this system, April 8th will be my 210th mensiversary to my wonderful wife.  Now I feel like I’ve cheated her out of 193 cards and gifts over the last 17 years.)

And image how much more effective fundraisers would be.  Why settle for annual events when you could have 12 mensual events instead?

Think of how many more brand varieties could evolve from this.  Who needs a 10th anniversary edition when you could buy a 120th and 121st mensiversary edition within 30 days of each other.  And what a great concept for Hollywood… wouldn’t actors be thrilled to know they won an Oscar for the “best supporting actor” at the 989th mensual Academy Awards.  Imagine how many more opportunities to win there would be.

So what do you think? Is it time to bring this badly needed word to the English language?  Leave your comments here… I’ll be sure to check back mensually!