Well, That’s Weird… Flurry of Prepaid Legal Activity

Well that’s weird… I’m not actively marketing PrePaid Legal memberships anymore, but it looks like I’m going to sell 3 and sign up 2 associates this week.

Go figure.  One is a referral from my wife, and another a referral of two family members by a friend.  Looks like the friend (and maybe her brother) may sign up as associates too.

Guess I’ll have to call PrePaid Legal corporate and find out how many more associates I need to get to Senior Manager 🙂

I stopped actively marketing Prepaid Legal a couple years ago because it didn’t fit into my Alternative Marketing Connections business concept.  However, whether or not I’m actively marketing it, I will certainly recommend the service.  I’ve had it for 5 years and I’ll always keep the membership.  It’s paid for itself many times over.  I don’t use it all the time, but whenever I need it, it more than pays for itself.

Prepaid LegalFor example, tonight I logged into the Prepaid Legal website and used their forms service to create a request for a new birth certificate from the State of Michigan in about 5 minutes.  All I had to do was fill out the interview form, and at checkout I received a PDF including the correct form filled out, plus a cover letter pre-addressed to the State.  Probably saved me about an hour of my time.  That was well worth the $26.95 I paid for my membership this month.  I plan to also reinstate my business membership in the near future.  We are expanding our business, and I’m having more and more legal questions.  I also want access to GoSmallBiz so that I can get advice from their range of consultants, like CPAs.

Anyone else have a Prepaid Legal membership and use it recently?  I’m curious how other people take advantage of it.