Fixing Facebook Mobile or Other Preinstalled Apps on Your Smartphone

Once in a while, Facebook mobile gets fouled up on my smartphone and stops working correctly. I've had it happen both when I had an iPhone and now that I have an Android LG G3.

The symptoms vary, but usually the problem involves repeated crashing when trying to do a specific task. Today, my symptom was that I was unable to post a comment on an existing post. The app would either crash, or it would fail to post and switch back to the home screen.

The Facebook app stores a database on your phone that keeps track of all of your settings and also caches information from pages and profiles you've visited to speed up access. Once in a while, this database becomes corrupt, and that is usually to cause of odd behavior. Sometimes this is triggered after an update to the app, but other times is just happens from use. Regardless, it can be very frustrating.

Most often, the solution is to delete/remove the app from your phone and reinstall it. When you delete a smartphone app, the operating system knows to delete all of the associated files that go with the app. When you reinstall it, the app should create new, clean database and preference files. However, in some cases, residual files are left behind, which can prevent the reinstall from helping to solve the problem.

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Crock Pot Chili Is Healthy Food

Chili in the slow cooker is nutritious and easy to make. Saw this chili recipe on MyFitnessPal and it reminded me… this is one of my favorite healthy foods. I make a big pot in the slow cooker and pick away at it for a couple of weeks. I don't follow a recipe — I usually just grab the base ingredients at the store and throw them in the pot. I vary the beans I use to give it a little different taste and texture each time. It's kind of high in calories, but it's all "good" calories — high in fiber, vitamins and protein. I do use ground turkey, like this recipe does, because it's low in fat. Slow cooker cooking is great because you literally just dump everything in there, turn it on, and come back 6-8 hours later.

Here is their recipe, but if you're creative it's really easy to embellish or modify from the base ingredients.


No, a Yoga 2 Pro Is Not a Mac

So I just had a reminder that my Yoga 2 Pro is NOT a Mac.

I had noticed that when I flipped into tent mode or stand mode, everything, especially the video, got a lot slowed. I did a few minutes of research online and found a support thread on the Lenovo site suggesting to turn off the DPTF option in the BIOS. 2 minute fix, and now everything is working great. The problem has been going on for 3 years or more on Yoga models, but Lenovo hasn’t even acknowledged it.

Now, I have the technical background to know what the hell a BIOS is and how to access it, but I can’t fathom an everyday end user being able to fix things like that without expert help. And certainly you’d never had to do anything like that on a Mac.

Definitely a different world.  But I’m still very happy I switched from a Mac laptop to Yoga. I still can’t believe Apple hasn’t figured out that the 2-in-1 market is here to stay.


“Blue Tiger” BH-M20 Bluetooth Headset – Cheap and It Actually Ain’t Bad

I had a BlueParrott headsetbh-m20 bluetooth stero headset that I really liked, but it was 6 years old and finally gave up the ghost.  I really wanted a stereo bluetooth headset this time, but there are almost none available with a noise cancelling boom mic.  The BlueTiger brand stereo headset is $180.  BlueParrott doesn’t even make a stereo model.

Looking around on Amazon, I came across this BH-M20 headset.  It’s a knock-off with the name “Blue Tiger” on it.  The reviews were a bit mixed, but I figured for the money it was worth a try.

Shockingly, these cheap bluetooth headphones are actually really good. A little on the tinny side for music, but fine for background music while I work. The noise cancelling mic works surprisingly well — I stood next to our washing machine on spin cycle while talking to someone and they said they could only hear me. I can listen to Spotify while I work and answer my cell with good sound quality. The dual headphone block out more ambient noise than a single headphone too.

Although it’s not listed in the manual, it can support two devices, but it appears to support one in A2DP (stereo) and one in phone audio (mono) mode.  In any case, I just hook it to my LG G3 smartphone and use that exclusively.

You’ll see this headset under a number of “brand names” on Amazon, but the actual model number is BH-M20.  The best price I’ve found on Amazon Prime is this AGPTek version for just $26.99.  For the money, it’s quite impressive.

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