Beware of Best Buy Online Purchases — Here’s Why

One of reasons I have an online blog is so that I have somewhere to rant when I have a beef with a business.  It’s an opportunity to be heard, and also an opportunity to warn other people so they don’t suffer the same pitfalls.

So for today’s rant, I give you:

Best BuyThis is a word of warning to those of you who purchase from Best Buy online and do not have a local store.  If you make a return online, it can take up to 30 days for the return to process. If you used a Best Buy credit card, the returned item ties up your credit for that period, which can prevent you from making additional purchases if you’ve reached your credit limit.

This stems from the fact that if you purchase from Best Buy online, you cannot exchange an item: you have to return and repurchase it.

Case in point:  I bought a laptop from Best Buy Online and it was defective.  I sent it back and the return was received, but now I am being told it could take up to 30 DAYS for the return to show on my account.  Now I cannot use my Best Buy card to repurchase the item until this processes because it would go over my credit limit.  To make it even worse, the special 18 month financing offer that was available last month is no longer available.

So now, even though I did nothing wrong, I am being penalized by not being allowed to repurchase the item until the credit clears, and even if I could, I wouldn’t receive the same financing promotion.

I will likely just go somewhere else to buy the computer now.

Beware: if you return online, Best Buy will tie up your credit for up to 30 days.


My 2¢ About Yesterday’s Cougars/Ducks Football Game

I just left a rather detailed comment on Facebook on the WSU Athletics page, so I thought I'd repost it here.

Now, I am not technically a Cougar, but I am a Cougar DAD, and because of this I've started following Cougar athletics. The football team certainly has a long way to go, but I saw some very respectable play yesterday against the #2 team in the nation.

My comment:

So say what you want, but the Cougs played a great first half yesterday, and they showed that the Ducks are NOT infallible. In fact, I think they showed why the Ducks are *not* the #1 team right now. WSU defense overpowering the Duck's offensive line. A sack/turnover for a touchdown. Tons of Duck penalties. 49 yard field goal to end the first half (way to go, Furney!). I think the Cougs actually outplayed the Ducks in the 2nd quarter. And that fumble in the end zone was just unlucky.

Nevermind that this was a home game in front of 50K+ rabid Homecoming Duck fans. That would have tough for any visiting team.

Halliday needs to learn how to throw the ball away or take a sack when there's pressure. He has moments of brilliance… and then chokes and lets the pressure get to him.

BTW, I think Helfrich's comments today about "low class" play in the 4th quarter are TACKY and UNPROFESSIONAL, and I think he's a cocky SOB. He's the one that's full of SH*T. He ran up the score to 62 when it wasn't necessary to win the game. Leach wasn't trying to run up points against Oregon's 2nd string: he was trying to give his team a chance to end the game on a positive note and make the score respectable. The Cougs also showed that despite their faults, they have a strong work ethic and can play to the last second with heart and determination. They are a young team in a building process that will take a couple more years to really gel.

I do wish they would run the ball more though. They consistently get 4 or 5 years every time they run the ball.

Anyway, my 2¢ I felt a lot more positive after last night's game than last week's cave-in against OSU.

[Correction: it was the Duck's defensive coordinator that made the "low class" comments.  I actually heard this on either ABC or NBC today, and they *did* say it was Oregon's head coach that made the comment.]


MyPoints Research Data Cannot Possibly Be Accurate

Sorry to have to rant, but this issue has been going for years now and happened to me yet again tonight.  I tried to do a MyPoints survey and got a message that I had to be running Internet Exploder in order to complete the survey.  I've been a MyPoints member for over 10 years.

This just baffles me that a company that makes its money off of survey data compromises their data so severely.  If I were a company needing market research, I would *never* use MyPoints.  

This issue has been going on for years and years now.  It was bad enough when it primarily effected Mac users, but now that 89% of people **do not use Internet Exploder**, I just can't fathom how they can be in the business of selling their data.

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Remembering Yertle The Turtle and The Sneetches on Holocaust Memorial Day

Many people know that the Yertle the Turtle was a parody on Hitler and the Nazis, but do you realize that the Sneetches, while primarily a commentary on segregation, might also have been a Nazi parody (although a bit more loosely)?  And if that is true, extrapolate what the star-belly-on-off-machine represented… gives me chills.

Yertle The Turtle


Star Belly On Off Machine

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